Salute to Nurses!

Congratulations to Lynda Cohen, Benjamin Henry, Beth Stevenson, Kristen Zetlan, and Mallary Coleman on their recognition in the 2017 Salute to Nurses!

“Our 28-year-old son suffered a traumatic brain injury in our home after returning from the February Patriots parade. He was taken to Boston Medical Center where he underwent emergency neurosurgery for bleeding into his brain. He also suffered a cervical fracture and multiple facial fractures.

After surgery, Brendan was admitted to the surgical ICU and that is where we encountered so many wonderful nurses. We were frightened, tearful, and unsure of what the future held. These nurses encouraged us to speak with and touch Brendan. Their compassion was evident from the beginning.

Our son improved while in the ICU; he came off the ventilator, sedation was lightened, and he began to respond to us and follow commands. These nurses cared for Brendan with clinical expertise, a reassuring manner, and a sense of humor that was just what we needed. I am a nurse and have never been more proud of our profession.” –Nominated by Susan Gavaghan

Please visit the link below to view the full article:

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