Talking to Medical Students About Violence

Recently, representatives from the Violence Intervention Advocacy Program (VIAP) and the Community Violence Response Team (CVRT), including Tracey Dechert, MD and Lisa Allee from the trauma program here at BMC, spoke to the Spectrum of Physician Advocacy Elective Course, a group of medical students committed to improving their knowledge on the social determinants of health and learning how to become effective physician advocates, fighting for health equity and advocating for social change. With full recognition of the devastating effects of injury and violence on the community, this group of students looked to expand their knowledge of the innovative hospital based violence interventions from the experienced members of these teams. A variety of team members were present to discuss their various roles and students had the unique opportunity to learn from those making a difference at all levels of the intervention. This session provided great insight for students about the barriers to effective care delivery created by cycles of violence and poverty. Students become aware of ways they can intervene when working with the trauma teams at BMC in addition to advocating for policy changes around the devastating effects of gun violence.

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