Bike Safety Tips from TranSComm

Bike Safety Tips from TranSComm

BMC now has a bike cage located behind the 710 parking garage. We would like to remind you of some important safety tips for cyclists and motorists because we all need to share the road.

For cyclists:
– The same laws that apply to motorists apply to cyclists. Obey all stoplights and signs.
– Use hand signals; indicate stops and turns.
– Always wear a properly fitted helmet.
– Stay to the right side of the road. Always ride in the same direction as traffic.
– Be visible! Wear safely colored clothing and use a white front light and red rear light in low light.
– Be aware. Scan the road ahead of you. Don’t listen to headphones while biking; you need to hear everything around you.

For motorists:
– Yield to cyclists. Bicyclists are vehicles of the road and should be given the appropriate right of way.
– Be considerate. Do not blast your horn in close proximity to cyclists. Look for cyclists when opening car doors.
– Pass with care. When passing, leave 4 feet between you and a cyclist.
– Wait for safe road and traffic conditions before you pass.
– Check your rearview mirror before moving back.

Courtesy of BMC Communications.

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