Congratulations to Patricia Harrison, NP for being recently awarded a Boston Medical Center “Be Exceptional Award”!


Patty Harrison, NP volunteering at the 2013 Health Expo.

Congratulations to Patricia Harrison, NP in the Trauma Surgery Department for being nominated by her colleagues for the Be Exceptional Award, which recognize outstanding BMC staff who demonstrate exceptional performance and dedication to fulfilling BMC’s mission and four QUEST goals: QUality, Efficiency, Satisfaction and Total Revenue.

Patty is a Nurse Practitioner in Trauma Surgery and she has such a contagious enthusiasm for medicine that she inspires her colleagues and patients alike. Many of her patients are victims of violence and she uses it as a springboard to encourage them to think about their future and make a positive change in their lives. When her patients show an interest in health care, she hangs lesson plans on their wall and brings in medical books for them to consider a career in medicine. From empowering patients and family members to providing education and counseling on care management, Patty always prepares for a safe, expeditious, and thoughtful discharge for even the most challenging patients. She also goes the extra mile with her colleagues, organizing care packages for sick coworkers and cards for special occasions. Outside of BMC, Patty enjoys traveling with her family and friends, sailing in the British Virgin Islands and vacationing in Europe.

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