Mayor Walsh and Boston Medical Center Launch “Prescribe-a-Bike” Subsidized Hubway Membership Program

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By  | Hub Health| March 26, 2014 6:29 pm

Doctors in Boston are already prescribing “outdoor time” for kids, and starting Wednesday, physicians at Boston Medical Center will be prescribing Hubway bikes as a means of transportation.

On Wednesday, the City of Boston and the Boston Medical Center (BMC) announced the launch of “Prescribe-a-Bike,” a new partnership to increase access to affordable transportation for low-income Boston residents, and improve health at the same time. “There is no other program like this in the country,” says Mayor Marty Walsh. “Prescribe-a-Bike makes the link between health and transportation, and ensures that more residents can access the Hubway bike share system.”

Nicole Freedman, director of bicycle programs for the City of Boston, says that they hope to enroll 1,000 low-income residents in the subsidized Hubway membership program this year. She also says that other hospitals are interested in joining the program as well. “We have already received some calls from other hospitals and health clinics who are interested,” Freedman says. “It’s a new way to reach out and promote health.”

The bike program is for all Boston residents , and the new program is a way for the Hubway to expand its “family.” Freedman says that 13 of the city’s 90 stations are in “low income” neighborhoods. “What we know is that there’s been an incredible uptick in our subsidized membership program,” she says.

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Courtesy of Boston Magazine.

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