BMC Surgery Bootcamp Prepares Medical Students for Surgery Internship


Andrew Glantz, MD, FACS supervising medical students performing a small bowel resection procedure


The Department of Surgery offers fourth year medical students interested in pursuing a surgery internship the opportunity to participate in a month-long surgery elective rotation. Dr. Alik Farber an Associate Professor of Surgery and Radiology at BUSM and Chief of the Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at BMC is also the director of this fourth year medical school elective, BMC Surgery Bootcamp, which is designed to expose students to crucial knowledge and technical skills important for a surgical internship as well as for a surgical career.

Twelve students in their final year of medical school at Boston University participated in the surgery bootcamp. The rotation included didactic lectures, hands-on skills laboratory, a mock pager experience, and focused rotations. The last week of the bootcamp instructed by our very own trauma surgeon, Dr. Andrew Glantz, exposed students to real-life surgical scenarios. The medical students performed various procedures that included a small bowel resection, gall bladder, colostomy, thoracotomy, tracheotomy, excision of skin lesion, below knee amputation and J tube placement.  This experience provided them with an opportunity to act as lead surgeons on various operations allowing them to understand the steps involved in the procedures and the complications that can occur if preformed incorrectly.

There were many valuable learning experiences from this surgical bootcamp and for Brittany Hastings having the opportunity to work in teams was by far one of the most enriching. She remarked that this was the first time she worked so closely with many of her medical school colleagues who are also pursuing surgery and was amazed by how much she learned from them. Kaitlin Peace another medical student who participated in the surgery bootcamp is also in the Air Force and will be attending San Antonio Military Medical Center for her surgery residency. She mentioned that this surgical experience has helped reinforce her interest in surgery and has made her even more excited to get started on her residency this summer.

This surgery bootcamp has been held at BMC for two-years now and Dr. Glantz has been spearheading the anatomy portion of it from the very beginning. Dr. Glantz along with our team of trauma surgeons among them Tracey Dechert, Robert Schulze, Dorothy Bird, Beda Sarkar and surgical fellows Mark Kromer and Chaitan Narsule assisted with this bootcamp and are influential mentors to many of our aspiring surgeons.

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