Kenney Chesney spreads the love to Boston bombing victims and tours Boston Medical Center


Singer Kenny Chesney, whose Spread the Love is helping victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, meets with two women who lost limbs in the terror attack, at Boston Medical Center. (CBS News)

(CBS News) Country music star Kenny Chesney has sold more than 30 million records. Nowadays, however, he measures success by the help he is offering to victims of last April’s marathon bombing in Boston. Here’s Don Dahler:

He’s one of the kings of country music. Kenny Chesney is like a 100-watt bulb in a 50-watt socket — his energy is overwhelming.

Dahler asked, “Does this ever feel like a job?”

“Is it hard work? It’s more work than people imagine,” Chesney replied. “But is it rewarding? The moment that I get to go up there on stage and look at all those people in the eye, and they look back at me — it’s an unbelievable feeling. And sometimes it’s like a revival out there.”

That passion has made Chesney one of the biggest names in country music, with 14 albums and more than 20 Number One singles.

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