Keep your kids safe around fireworks displays this July 4th

Independence Day is right around the corner, and with that the excitement of fireworks is mounting. Many people may not realize that most fireworks-related injuries occur around the Fourth of July, and almost half of those harm children younger than 15.

Keep your kids safe around fireworks displays this July 4th

Parents must exercise caution because children focus on the exciting visual aspects of fireworks and usually aren’t aware of the dangers. The most common injuries are from burns caused by mishandled firecrackers, bottle rockets and sparklers, as well as eye injuries.

Never, under any circumstances, let children play with fireworks. Fireworks should only be handled by responsible adults.  

If you decide to use fireworks, make sure you use common sense and follow these safety tips:

  • Never allow small children near fireworks.
  • Keep a bucket of water nearby.
  • If a fireworks piece fizzles out, douse it with water and do not attempt to relight.
  • Sparklers may look harmless, but they can reach 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit and cause serious burns.
  • Wear safety glasses when lighting fireworks.
  • Light only one piece at a time.
  • Never lean over the top of the fireworks to light.
  • Soak all discarded pieces in a bucket of water before discarding.

Fireworks are an Independence Day tradition for many families. Do your part to make this year’s celebration a safe one for your family and those around you.

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