Dr. Erwin F. Hirsch – Fifth Year Anniversary

ImageThis Memorial Day Weekend marks the fifth anniversary of Dr. Erwin F. Hirsch’s untimely passing. It doesn’t feel like five years to me because in so many ways his influence is still with us. Those that had the opportunity to work with him still feel his presence in our daily activities and especially in the extraordinary events around the recent Marathon bombings. We find ourselves thinking, what would Dr. Hirsch do? What would he think about this? And I hope I don’t disappoint him and the high standards he holds for everyone.

People often remark about how much things have changed (some for the better, some not), since his death and would he have been able to alter or affect these changes were he still with us. That will always be the subject of debate, but one thing is certain; change is inevitable and that includes the people around us. What we must do is manage change by learning from the past, staying engaged in the present and not losing sight of our mission going forward in the future. Keeping the patient at the center of the plan and striving for exceptional care every day, I believe would both honor his legacy and make him proud of the work we are all doing in his absence.

If we can continue to remind one another of these simple goals, everything else will be a “Piece of Cake”.

Joseph Blansfield, NPTrauma Program Manager, Boston Medical Center

3 thoughts on “Dr. Erwin F. Hirsch – Fifth Year Anniversary

  1. Bill D.

    Dr. Hirsch was a firm believer in “Comfort breeds complacency”. He made us all better at what we do.

  2. Eileen Andrasy

    I pray that Dr. Hirsch is our angel and will always look after BMC and our trauma team. He left us a beautiful young woman named Kathleen, who continues on his team with a smile, professionalism, and a true team player. God Bless Dr. Hirsch and Boston Medical Center.


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