Trauma Awareness Month 2013: If you’re distracted – we’re impacted!


The American Trauma Society, in collaboration with the Society of Trauma Nurses, is once again pleased to present National Trauma Awareness Month.  This May, National Trauma Awareness Month celebrates its 25th anniversary with the campaign slogan, “If You’re Distracted, We’re Impacted” will focus on Distraction. The issue of distracted driving and other activities where individuals are distracted is a critical issue for public safety and demands action immediately.

As you will recall, distracted driving was the theme of National Trauma Awareness Month 2012.  Despite the popularity of the campaign and continued national, state and local focus on the issue, fatalities and severe injury caused by distracted driver crashes continues to increase.

In mid December 2011, the Administrator of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a recommendation, unanimously approved by all members of the NTSB, to ban the use of all hand held devices used by drivers.  In an interview on national news, the Administrator said this is a recommendation the NTSB hopes all states will translate into laws.  Many states have acted, yet others still lag far behind.  

We hope the campaign and its materials will continue to draw attention to the issue and invoke change by the community and its policymakers.

We are proud to continue the annual tradition of National Trauma Awareness Month during the month of May.   ATS has posted this year’s campaign materials electronically for your use, not only for May, but also in the months thereafter. We also encourage trauma centers to have a “trauma survivors’ day” to reunite patients and families who have been served by the trauma center. Visit the ATS web site for the materials to plan the celebration. Click on “Programs”, and then National Trauma Awareness Month.

We urge you to start planning activities and make this year’s celebration the best one yet! 

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