Best snow sledding spots in Greater Boston and Eastern Massachusetts

Kids walking up sled run

Click the above link for’s best sledding spots in the greater boston area! 

Safe Sledding Tips for You and Your Loved Ones: 

·         Children should be supervised by a responsible adult while sledding.
·         Your child’s bike helmet should become an even more important sledding helmet.
·         Dress warmly enough for conditions. Sledders should wear thick gloves or mittens and protective boots to protect against frostbite as well as potential injury.
·         Sled only in designated areas.
·         Make sure the sledding path does not cross traffic and is free from hazards such as large trees, fences, rocks, picnic tables, or telephone poles.
·         Check slopes for bare spots, holes and other obstructions, which might cause injury.
·         Bypass these areas or wait until conditions are better.
·         Do not sled on or around frozen lakes, streams or ponds because the ice may be unstable.
·         Do not build ramps or other obstacles.
·         Don’t sled after dark or when visibility is bad (like when it’s snowing).
·         The proper position for sledding is to sit or lay on your back on the top of the sled, with your feet pointing downhill. Sledding headfirst increases the risk of head injury and should be avoided.
·         Teach children to roll off a sled that won’t stop.
·         Tell children to never ride into a snow bank – there could be hidden dangers such as a tree stump or rocks.
·         Don’t double up on a sled unless it’s made for two or more.
·         Keep all equipment in good condition. Broken parts, sharp edges, cracks and split wood invite injuries.
·         Inner tubes, saucers and snow disks are not recommended because of their fast speed and lack of steering capability.
·         Show respect for younger children who may be near you. Be polite and courteous; wait your turn.
·         Don’t cut off others on the hill. Don’t run into others, even for fun, someone will get hurt.
·         Make sure children understand that riding a sled being pulled behind a moving vehicle is extremely dangerous.
·         Never use alcohol or drugs while sledding or while supervising children who are sledding.

Be safe, stay warm, and have fun in this storm! 


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