BMC makes strides to ensure car seat safety in comminuty

BostonTrauma is committed to the safety of the community.  We provide outstanding trauma care to those injured and seek to prevent injury through education and outreach efforts whenever possible.  We aim to make our community a safer place and truly believe that we can have a positive impact. 

Recent motor vehicle crashes in the area have shown a need for more education and resources for child passenger safety.  This article shows the primary and secondary ramifications of improperly installed or absent car seats.  The Child Passenger Safety Program at Boston Medical Center is a collaboration between the trauma service and BU/BMC public safety.  We currently have 8 officers and our Injury Prevention Coordinator certified as child passenger safety technicians.  We offer car seat checks and installations for BMC patients and families as well as the surrounding communities.  Typical findings are alarming.  In a pilot study at BMC in 2006-2007, 72 families were assessed for proper car seat installation before discharge.  100% of these seats were installed incorrectly.  Since the onset of our child passenger safety program in 2009, hundreds of car seats have been checked and installed. 

To learn more about child passenger safety at Boston Medical Center or to schedule a free car seat inspection, please call Lisa Allee, MSW, LICSW our Injury Prevention Coordinator, 617-414-8007.

BMC uses the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s guidelines.  Visit for helpful and up-to-date information on car seat safety.   


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