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NCSA Traffic Safety Fact Sheet 2010: Alcohol-Impaired Driving

The fact sheet presents detailed data about 2010 fatal alcohol-impaired driving crashes in which there were 10,228 persons killed. A total of 9,695 drivers (85%) who were involved in fatal crashes had a BAC level at or above .08. The most frequently reported BAC was 0.18. The rate of alcohol impairment among fatally involved drivers was four times higher at night than during the day.

BMC Welcomes Students from the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine

Boston Medical Center Trauma and Acute Care Surgeons Tracey Dechert, MDAndrew Glantz, MD, Eric Mahoney MD and Kate Mandell, MD are proud volunteers for the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine. They recently met with this year’s participants.

About The National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED)

The National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED) introduces outstanding high school students to the world of medicine. This 10-day program familiarizes students with professionals from some of the nation’s top medical centers and faculty from renowned institutions of learning.

With close cooperation from many prestigious and technologically-advanced hospitals, research facilities and medical schools, the Forum challenges students to learn about a broad range of topics, including educational requirements, career options, clinical practice and complex ethical and legal issues facing the medical profession today. Students will learn about medical specialties and primary care with current physicians and patients, explore what life will be like as a resident, and discuss responses to epidemics and threats to public health.

Courtesy of: The National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED)

‘Island Practice’ tells the amazing and intriguing story of a Nantucket surgeon


Tim Lepore, MD, Nantucket’s only surgeon, sends his patients requiring the care of a trauma center to Boston Medical Center.  “BMC is my all-time favorite referral hospital. Easy to access and great patient care,” he said recently.  While some of his patients are transferred off the island for further care, most remain on the island in his capable hands.  Pam Belluck, New York Times reporter tells the intriguing story of Dr. Lepore’s island practice that runs the gambit of emotions; from hilarious to saddening, and from troubling to inspiring.  This non-fiction novel “gives readers an inside look at the peculiar challenges of health care on the island while reflecting on those that all communities face.”  It is “the spirited, true story of a colorful, contrarian doctor on the world-famous island of Nantucket. Thirty miles out to sea, in a strikingly offbeat place known for wealthy summer people but also home to independent-minded, idiosyncratic year-rounders…” Dr. Lepore is not only a surgeon but also the head of Medicine at the hospital, high-school football team doctor, tick-disease expert, and school committee member among many other things.  He knows his patients and they all know him – something that is often lost in today’s health care environment.  This is a great, unique summer read that appeals to audiences far and wide.  For more information visit the novel’s homepage:




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