Patients share their BMC experience

On behalf of the New England Organ Bank (NEOB), I would like to thank the staff of the 5E-Surgery Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and the Critical Care Team for their support during a recent case that led to the recovery and successful transplantation of the heart, liver and kidneys.

Letter writing 

I have heard from my staff of the profound complexities of this patient and family. I wanted to acknowledge the compassion, support and patience the team provided. Throughout the process the physician and nursing teams were very helpful in our clinical assessment of the patient. The bedside nursing team provided excellent care of the patient while in the midst of very challenging circumstances. The social work and chaplaincy staff were critical in guiding and supporting the family. The staff’s commitment to the donation process helped preserve the option of donation and allowed for a seamless introduction of NEOB staff to the family. Specific recognition should be made of Nurse Judy McGonagle as she was pivotal in facilitating our discussions with the next of kin. The combined efforts of both 5E-SICU and NEOB staff contributed to the outcome of saving the lives of four people.

Once again, we extend a heartfelt thanks to all Boston Medical Center staff involved, for their dedication and collaboration with the New England Organ Bank. The collaboration and support is critical to ensuring a successful donation process at Boston Medical Center and the recovery of life-saving organs.

We truly appreciate everyone’s commitment and hard work.

Richard Luskin
President and CEO  

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