Boston Medical Center’s Community Violence Response Team (CVRT)

Boston Medical Center has a family mental health clinician and a child and family clinician hired solely to provide individual and family counseling services to survivors of violence and family members who have been impacted by violence. The services are non insurance based and are free to the clients and their families.

Survivors of violence and their families will be offered support while inpatient at the hospital as well as follow up after discharge. Services include crisis intervention, psycho-education, brief counseling and referrals to community partners.

Family survivors of homicide victims will be offered assistance with burial planning, ongoing support and counseling. 

This program is funded by VOCA/ARRA – Read More

Community Violence Response Team (CVRT)


Keith Gilliam, LMHC, CVRT – Family Mental Health Clinician
Andrea Malagon-Meagher, LCSW, CVRT – Child and Family Clinician


For more information about the Community Violence Response Team (CVRT) program download the brochure below.


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