Boston MedFlight Draft Post

NBC’s Today Show recently aired a segment about overutilization in the airmedical industry. The story predominately focuses on for-profit Medevac companies and costly transports for patients who may not need such a high level of care. The video of the segment can be viewed below. Boston Trauma asked Suzanne Wedel, MD, Chief Executive Office of Boston MedFlight what she thought about the segment and how Boston MedFlight differs from some of the other companies highlighted.

About Boston MedFlight
Boston MedFlight (BMF) provides regional critical care transport. Boston MedFlight is a non-profit organization based at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA. They transport emergent patients regardless of their ability to pay and is financially supported in part by a consortium of Boston hospitals including: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Tufts Medical Center. 

Boston Trauma: Suzanne, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. What were your thoughts in regard to the segment?

Suzanne Wedel: Insert Answer

Boston Trauma:BMF consortium is unique in that it’s a non-profit collaboration of several ‘competing’ hospitals that have joined together to improve pre-hospital/critical care in the Northeast. Is this an important differentiator compared to some of the for profit companies highlighted?

Suzanne Wedel: Insert Answer

Boston Trauma: What kind of oversight is there for both scene calls and inter-facility transfers to ensure they meet air ambulance criteria? Are their feedback mechanisms in place for calls that do not meet these criteria?

Suzanne Wedel: Insert Answer


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